Organic Juice Tea

A Kiss from Heaven

A Kiss from Heaven is an all natural juice tea created in Mahmah’s kitchen. It is a fresh, revitalizing beverage filled with antioxidants, calcium, iron, and other powerful nutrients. We make this delicious drink with energizing and health-promoting ingredients: fresh and raw fruits, herbal teas, and fresh, home-grown herbs.

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Renee Alston brings you A Kiss From Heaven - Organic Juice Tea

Most other natural health drinks are expensive. Usually, they provide a short burst of energy, followed by a crash. Also, many of them are either too bland or sharp and tangy in flavor. A Kiss from Heaven not only provides long-lasting energy, but also includes natural herbs used to support good health and prevent illness. Best of all? It’s delicious.

Learn more about the powerful ingredients that go into A Kiss from Heaven. MahMah’s A Kiss from Heaven comes in two delicious varieties: the well-balanced Original and Fat Burner, loaded with acai and other specially-selected ingredients to promote healthy weight loss.