How Do I Choose The Best Shea Butter?

What ingredients should I look for in Shea Butter?

When deciding which Shea Butter product to get, you should look for one that lists Shea Butter first on the list of ingredients. In order to get the best Shea Butter, always buy from a reputable source and learn the ingredients before you buy. Ideally, you want to buy Shea Butter that is almost pure, with few additives, so that you will be sure to receive its full benefits.

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MahMah’s Shea Butter includes only the best pure, raw Shea Butter and natural fragrances in its ingredient list.

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Is all Shea Butter the same?

No, there are important things you should keep in mind when selecting between different Shea Butter products. When choosing Shea Butter, make sure your choice is:

  • Fresh:¬†Shea Butter is best when new. Over time, Shea Butter loses some of its potency and and effectiveness at healing.
  • Minimally Processed: Refining techniques will vary, and you should always be aware of how processed your Shea Butter product is. As a general rule, more processed Shea Butter will be less effective than Shea Butter that is closer to its raw form, like MahMah’s is.
  • Full Potency: Shea Butter is often mixed with other ingredients. While a scent or additional active ingredients may be beneficial, be careful that your Shea Butter does not contain fillers. Most Shea Butter products that you see advertised at prices too good to be true are likely to have very little actual Shea Butter in them.

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