More Benefits of Shea Butter

The healing benefits of Shea Butter include:

  • Intense moisturizer
  • Helps heal damaged skin
  • Helps restore skin’s own elasticity
  • Keeps skin supple during pregnancy
  • Soothes chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Soothes rashes and helps protect from the sun

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What are the benefits of Shea Butter for your skin?


Shea Butter contains vitamins that promote healthy skin. Vitamin A and vitamin E are both well-known for their ability to keep skin clear, preventing wrinkles and healing sun damage. Shea Butter also has vitamin F, which not only protects the skin, but also rejuvenates it, soothing and softening dry skin and hair.


Unsaponifiables are a type of natural fat that have been studied for their remarkable wound-healing (and anti-arthtritic) properties. Avocado oil, which is commonly used as a source of unsaponifiables for skin conditioning is between 2 and 6% unsaponifiables by content. Shea Butter is an even better source, with over twice this amount!

Cinnamic Acid

Shea Butter also contains cinnamic acid in high quantities. Cinnamic acid provides your skin with protection from the sun, though it will not fully replace a good sunscreen.

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Does Shea Butter benefit your hair, too?

Yes! Shea Butter is great for your hair, especially when your hair has been processed or heat treated. When your hair is dry or damaged, Shea Butter is rehydrating and even provides extra protection against future damage. Shea Butter can also quickly soothe dry scalps without clogging pores.

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